The Great Maine Woods.

The Evergreen Valley Resort and Inn.

The Evergreen Valley Resort is a resort with some very valuable hidden amenities that are not readily apparent. The first is the White Mountain National Forest that borders the resort. The second is the close proximity to Kezar Lake, one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in the world. The area is beautiful. The resort is also very relaxing.

We will illustrate the features of the resort with a series of photographs.

First there is Kezar Lake and Speckled Mountain:
Speckled Mountain from Kezar Lake.
Beyond the lake is the locality of Evergreen Valley. Maine is a series of mountains and the valleys between them. It was in the intervales between the mountains and the rivers that the old farms thrived. The Evergreen Valley Resort occupies the land of several former farms. To the immediate left of the photograph (west) are Adams Mountain, Palmer Mountain, and Stiles Mountain; all part of the national forest. The ski trails were on Adams Mountain. The valleys are drained by Adams Brook, Cold Brook and Great Brook. These brooks are part of the watershed of Kezar Lake. The cottage owners on Kezar Lake enforce the quality and purity of this water strongly.

An example of this follows. Great Brook enters Kezar Lake from the most distant point on the above picture (1 1/4" from left on a small monitor).

Canoe at Great Brook site of former Evergreen Valley Marina.

We used the Evergreen Valley Inn canoe, launched it on Kezar Lake and paddled up Great Brook to the former Evergreen Valley Marina and explored the property. The tenant arrived and informed us that it is now private property and is in a conservation easement. He leases the building as a woodworking shop to make custom cabinets. The present owner purchased the property to restrict continued development of the marina and thus protect the lake. The purchase price was not small.

"No Pecking!"
'No Pecking' sign along the national park road to Maine Route 113.

On our drive to the Evans Notch Road we saw a "No Pecking" sign on a heavily pecked tree. We were afraid that it was a bit late to put up the sign.

I plan to write a musical about Evergreen Valley. The lyrics for the "No Pecking" song will come easy, I'm sure. The choreographer can arrange a dance around the tree with a little bit of pecking thrown in.
No Pecking.

There is no pecking,
No pecking here.
Stop that pecking,
Or trees will fall.

There is no pecking,
You must stop now.
It leads to trouble,
We are sure.

etc., etc., etc.

Further up the road there is another sign. It reads "Cell Phones Work Here!" Yes! Let us hope so! Cell phones do not work anywhere else. Of course this leads to another song. Again the lyrics are easy. Can't you picture all the people on stage dialing and talking at the sign? But this telephone reception is subject to change with the recent opening of the new cellular telephone tower in Waterford.

The government road is a single lane dirt road that is closed in the winter and ditched with a grader plow in the spring. It twists and turns and climbs and descends hills. Watch out for moose, deer, bears, geese with goslings, turtles, cars, boulders, hikers, bikers and other wildlife.

The government road is six miles long and leads to the Evans Notch Road, Maine route 113, which is paved, but also closed in the winter. On the later road at the height of land between the Cold River and Evans Brook there are splendid and outstanding views. My favorite is the "Cold River Overlook."
'Cold River Overlook' along the Evans Notch road, Maine Highway 113.
Cold River Overlook, October 9, 2007. Photo and scanning by webmaster.

Of course we were at the Cold River Overlook at the height of foliage season, Columbus Day weekend.

June, 2007. Turtle laying her eggs beside Adams Road on way to Evergreen Valley.

In June of 2007 we stopped to photograph a turtle that was laying her eggs along the side of Adams Road at the Spring Brook culvert.

June, 2008. Frequently we are assisting the turtles to cross the roads around Evergreen Valley.

Frequently we are assisting the turtles to cross the roads around Evergreen Valley. Another song could be written here with some creative choreography.

Save the Turtles.

Please save the turtles.
Help them cross.
They need our help,
In our troubled world.

etc., etc., etc.

I think of my great-great-great uncle, Daniel Clement Colesworthy's poem, "Don't Kill the Birds."

The Anvil Chorus. Mining at the Deer Hill Mine.

Our musical requires a description of the plot and the characters.

It is the intention of the webmaster to expand and continue this resort's features at a later date.

A political link about Evergreen Mountain Enterprises.

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