The Great Maine Woods.

Our subject, The Great Maine Woods, was the subject of a speech recently in the Androscoggin Valley about the tourism industry in Northern and Western Maine. We regret that this story is no longer available.

Yes, we are an Emerald Necklace of natural beauty and wonderful and varied tourist activities.

This web site is to celebrate our love of the Great Maine Woods. We will endeavor to feature the recreational and vacation activities that we know best, especially the timeshare resorts.

We are Maine tourists. We live in Maine and vacation in Maine. We have collected a chain of single week time-share properties throughout Maine. They are generally off-season weeks. Personally, we maintain an amenity notebook of brochures, clippings, and maps for each time-share region. These amenity notebooks are loaded with things to do. And this will be the subject of our web site.

The first timeshare resort will be the Evergreen Valley Resort and Inn in Stoneham.

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